U.S. Navy Tries Laser Weaponry

The US Navy is experimenting with new ways of fighting global terror. At a recent joint training session held last May between the Navy and defense tech company Raythen around 100 miles west of Los Angeles, a Navy ship shot a flying aircraft using a laser. It was only now that news about the incident are being reported.

The system, called Laser Close-In Weapons System, projects a 50kW laser, which is really powerful.

Now I don’t know how the laser is visible in this photo. It is probably meant for illustration purposes. Nevertheless, it sounds scary to fly an aircraft and would not notice that you are being targeted until the moment the laser hits your plane.

However, we would have to wait until 2016 before these laser weapons can be used in the battlefield, wherever it may be.

Source: Daily Mail, via CrunchGear

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