TwoTwo Concept Vehicle

German designer Ramin Ansari released a concept for a vehicle that can transform from a two-seater to a four-seater at the press of a button. The TwoTwo car is a proposal for an electric vehicle that can extend itself, fitting for modern urban environments. It aims to create an innovative concept vehicle that is able to combine two operating modes to suit every passenger’s needs.

Illustration of TwoTwo prototype car.  This unique concept car design features a two-seater that can extend up to a four-seater at the touch of a button.

The two-seater version measures 2.5 meters. It extends for just 600 millimeters, with the help of telescoping tubes, in order to reach its four-seater length. TwoTwo prototype vehicle runs on Lithium-Ion batteries coupled with 4-wheel hub engines, delivering an output of 100kW. According to Ansari, this vehicle could run for up to 250 kilometers after a full-battery charge of about 3.5 hours.

The hub engines that are integrated into each wheel incorporate the brakes, drivetrain, steering, and suspension of TwoTwo. The batteries are located along the car floor as well as in the external rear compartment.

The doors of this concept car operate different. The compact front doors pivot then move forwards, while the rear doors slide to open providing easy access to the cabin.

Ansari said that the design was inspired by leopards, with the front wheel appearing to "grab and pull the car forwards, symbolizing sportiness and movement." Meanwhile, he also draws inspiration from eagles as evident with TwoTwo’s overhang on the windshield with integrated headlamps as well as the filigree tail lights that are styled as feathers. TwoTwo’s large glass surfaces are complimented with a round sunroof that is contrast to the car’s dynamic look.

Image Source: Ramin Ansari

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