Two Nikon Cameras versus Two Canon Cameras

The rivalry between Canon and Nikon has intensified with the release of two new cameras from each company. In both cases, one of the camera is a DSLR and the other being a compact point-and-shoot. CrunchGear could not help but pit the cameras to a battle of specs and features. Which company do you think provides superior cameras? Let’s find out!

We start with the DSLRs. Nikon D7000 was released just now, right at the heels at last week’s launch of Canon 60D.

As you can see, both cameras have its advantages and disadvantages. The Nikon D7000 has a superior ISO and and AF system, while the Canon 60D has more megapixels. The former has a more stable and weather-resistant casing, being made from partial Magnesium alloy compared to Canon 60D’s plastic case, while the latter can brag about its better LCD resolution and lower price.

We now go to the battle of the compact digital cameras, between Nikon P7000 that was released last week and the Canon G12, released just days ago.

On all aspects, this chart shows the superior features of the P7000 at the same price with the G12. However, this does not mean that the Canon camera is a weaker one. Perhaps you prefer the limitations of the Canon G12.

Source: CrunchGear

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