Twitter update allows images sent in direct messages

Latest Twitter update allows images sent through DM.

Latest Twitter update allows images sent through DM.

The latest Twitter update has enabled users to send and receive images through direct messages. This new update is available to both iOS and Android versions, and users can share and receive images through DM on both mobile and on the web.

There are also additional changes to Twitter on both the iOS and Android versions. The iOS app, for instance, now includes the ability to swipe between “Home”, “Discover”, and “Activity” streams. The Messages tab, meanwhile, is located across the bottom navigational bar, making it more convenient to access Direct Messages straight from the home screen.

The new Twitter update on Android includes a star next to "Follow" button.

Meanwhile, the new Twitter update for Android includes a star icon beside to the Follow button on a profile page. This enables you to receive notifications from that particular user, whether they are high-profile tweeters or average folks.

The updated version of Twitter for iOS and Android are now available on their respective app markets.

Source: Mashable

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