Twitter to Roll Out Location-Based Ads

Notable publication Advertising Age has reported that Twitter is planning to display promoted tweets to users depending on their location. For instance, if you open your Twitter mobile app within close range of a retail store, you may spot a promoted tweet from that establishment.

Sources, who claim have been briefed about the product, reveal that Twitter will be launching its geotagged promoted tweets as soon as the fourth quarter of 2013.

This new way of Twitter advertising provides opportunity for large-scale stores such as pharmacy chains and fastfood restaurants. It is also useful for small- and medium-scale businesses to increase in-store traffic with a tweet that offers a special deal or discount, or simply telling Tweeters their shops are just a hop and skip away from where they are. Releasing this new feature near the holiday season also sounds perfect for retailers.

Twitter currently displays promoted tweets based on specific metropolitan areas. It does not provide advertisements based on zip codes, which Facebook has been doing since 2011. Apart from geotagged promoted tweets, Twitter is also experimenting on other ways to monetize its popularity, such as keyword targetting that displays advertisements to users who have tweeted a certain keyword or a TV show that certain advertisers have placed commercials on.

The popular microblogging service declined to comment on the matter.

Source: Advertising Age, via Engadget

Image source: Mashable

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