Twitter allows multiple photo uploads, tag with friends

Twitter now allows multiple photo upload

Twitter now allows multiple photo upload

While Facebook tried to become Twitter by finally adapting hashtags, the microblogging service seems to be returning the favor. Twitter now allows multiple photo uploads (up to four) in a single tweet and even tag up to 10 friends in each photo without having to worry about your 140-character count.

Once tweeted, the photos appear as a four-panel collage in your stream. Clicking one of the pictures would display the image in full. In Tweetdeck, meanwhile, the photos are simply lined up.

Twitter’s multiple photo upload only works in the iPhone, for now. The company said in a statement that this functionality will appear on Android and soon. However, the friend tagging update is available on all platforms and it works much like in Facebook. You receive a notification if a friend tags you, which you can delete or edit.

You can also control who can tag you in pictures, although the default setting lets anyone–followers or not–could tag you. That could result to some awkward old photos you would rather not see, so edit your settings as soon as possible.

Source: Mashable

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