Twitter Adds Two-Factor Verification to Prevent Hacking

Twitter has had its share of high-profile attacks, like when Burger King’s account was transformed into McDonald’s or when over 250,000 user accounts were compromised. And remember when a hacked Associated Press account tweeted that there was a bomb explosion at the White House? That was scary. The microblogging platform has had enough as it introduces a new security feature that helps prevent having your Twitter account get hacked. Introduced yesterday, Twitter rolls out a two-factor verification process, wherein users are required to verify their identity using two pieces of log in details.

Users would have to enable this feature through Twitter’s Settings page on its website, after which they are asked to type in their phone number. The next time they log in to Twitter, not only users have to input their usual passwords, the microblogging site will also send a text message containing a verification code. Type that string of alpha-numeric code in and the tweeting starts.

Take note that users would need a working cell phone to make the two-factor verification system work. The process is also much more useful to Twitter accounts with individual owners, as compared to corporate accounts run by multiple users who do not share a cell phone.

In a statement, Twitter says it is also developing new security enhancement features. Jim O’Leary of Twitter’s product security team says that “much of the server-side engineering work” needed to make the two-factor verification process work has paved the way to work on making the service more secure in the future.

Source: Twitter on YouTube, via ABC News

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