Twisters Headphones and Bluetooth Speaker

Twisters HeadphonesUsing headphones is usually to enable you to enjoy your favorite tunes in your own little private space without disturbing the other people around you. But there are instances when you just cannot help but try to share what you are listening at a particular moment to your friends. That is where a pair of headphones may be of limited use. But things can be a bit different when you have the Twisters Headphones on.

The Twisters Headphones is a unique pair that may just be something you will consider if you are keeping your options open when it comes to music listening. That is because this pair of headphones can also function as a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Yes, it is a two in one deal that you seldom get with a typical pair of headphones. The Twisters Headphones changes from a headphone to a Bluetooth speaker with a simple twist. It offers crisp and clear audio that you would usually get when you use it as a headphone. With the twist of the ear cups, it becomes a speaker that provides up to 10 times the sound you hear when you put it over your ears. Now that is something you do not see as an added feature in any other headphones.

The Twisters Headphones comes with convenient controls on one ear cup for easy use. It also comes with a built-in microphone that allows it to function as a speakerphone. What also makes this pair of headphones great is its battery life. The Twisters Headphones can go up to 18 hours in headphone mode and 6 hours in speaker mode. That is more than enough that you will need for a whole day of music listening. The Twisters Headphones is also quite affordable despite the versatility it can offer. You can get it at Big Time Electronics for just around $60 a pair.

Image Source: Big Time Electronics

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