Twist Alarm Clock Wakes You by Solving Math Problems


We have heard of many unusual alarm clocks that wake people up through things other than traditional rings and beeps. This one is no different. The Twist Alarm Clock from Japan forces sleepy people to wake up by ringing an alarm, but it will not stop unless they solve a simple math problem.

Once the alarm goes off, the clock displays a number and a operation sign that the user should solve by rotating two parts, which contain different numbers, to create a correct match equation. For instance, the clock displays “-” (minus) and “2.” The user should rotate the parts until he comes up with “5-3=2.” According to D-Forme , the manufacturer behind the Twist Alarm Clock, it aims to force users to activate their brains first thing in the morning.

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The Twist Alarm Clock measures 13.5 centimeters long and is only available in Japan for 2,625 yen (about US$30). Interested buyers overseas may have to contact import specialists like Japan Trend , Geek Stuff 4 U , and Rinkya .

Source:  CrunchGear


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