TV TrickleSaver Lowers Power Consumption of Gaming Consoles

TV TrickleSaver

Did you know that when you put your gaming console on standby mode, you are still consuming a lot of electricity, just as it is turned on?  Research by the Australian Consumer Association shows that a significant percentage of our household electricity bills comes from the standby mode caused by gaming consoles and other entertainment appliances.  Among the top gaming consoles, PlayStation 3 consumes the most power when is use, followed by Xbox 360, while the consumption of Nintendo Wii is just one-tenth of PS 3.

And with the financial crisis, as well as the rising awareness of the environment, wasting power over such trivial matters such as keeping your appliances on stand by is no longer ideal.

This is where a nifty gadget comes in to cut your electric bills significantly.  TrickleStar introduces TV TrickleSaver, which has an built-in current sensing circuitry that automatically switches off all the TV’s accessory devices from entertainment systems to gaming consoles when the TV is turned off, thereby cutting your power consumption.

If you want more, the company also offers the PC TrickleSaver that reduces the standby power consumed by PC peripherals.  It connects to the PC using a standard USB cable and detects the computer’s power status through its USB port.

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