TurtleCell iPhone Case With Retractable Earbuds

TurnCell iPhone CaseAn iPhone case can help protect your prized smartphone from occasional bumps and even drops. Other cases also provide an external battery to add some juice to your smartphone. Other than these features, you might think that an iPhone case will not be able to do anything else. Well, you’d better think again. The TurtleCell iPhone case has a unique feature not yet available in other exiting smartphone cases today.

The TurtleCell iPhone Case is a unique protective case because it comes with a built-in pair of earbuds. Yes, it comes with its own retractable earbuds. It has always been a challenge trying to bring along a pair of earbuds with you whenever you go out. You always use them to listen to your favorite audio content on your iPhone. Sometimes, you also have to deal with tangled wires before you can use them. This can be quite frustrating for many people. The TurtleCell aims to change all that. This unique protective case features a pair of retractable earbuds that come with the protective casing. Users only need to move a lever in order to extend out a pair of earbuds and its 4-foot long wire to a desired length ready for listening. There is another lever at the back of the case that users need to move to engage the earphone jack to the iPhone. This eliminates the need to bring along a separate pair of earphones all the time. You also need not worry about tangled wires since the TurtleCell earbuds retract back to the case after use.

The TurtleCell iPhone Case only adds around 6mm of thickness to your iPhone, just the right size not to affect its already slim profile. The TurtleCell is currently up for obtaining funds for production at Kickstarter. A US$200 donation will come with a customized TurtleCell for the iPhone 5. It is expected to cost around that much as well when they become available sometime at the end of this year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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