Turcom AcoustoShock Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Turcom AcoustoShock MiniBluetooth speakers has allowed people to listen to music while on the go. They are usually more portable nowadays, thanks to better technology. Not only that, the wireless convenience they offer makes them a better option for people who likes to listen to music wherever they go. The new Turcom AcoustoShock Mini Bluetooth Speaker may just be the speaker of choice for people are always on the move.

The new Turcom AcoustoShock Mini Bluetooth Speaker may be designed as a bike speaker, but its small profile and light but durable build makes it ideal to bring along just about anywhere. It is small enough at just 9.5 oz. But it comes with a 3-watt speaker to provide powerful as well as quality sound output. A wireless Bluetooth connection even makes it convenient for a portable outdoor speaker.

And since it is the outdoors, the new Turcom AcoustoShock Mini is designed to be weather resistant. Its durable construction is rated IPX6 with a marine grade water resistance rating and can resist dust as well as shock from drops. The cover is crafted with silicone to enable the wireless speaker to withstand drops. Enclosed ports and speaker drivers ensure that sand and dust do not enter and affect the speaker’s performance. The Turcom AcoustoShock Mini is now available at Amazon for $38.

Image Source: Max Borges Agency

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