Turbine Lights Keeps the Streets Lighted with Wind Power

Turbine Light

With more people becoming more mobile, more roads are being developed and more cars are being purchased; but that also means the increasing need for electricity to light up these highways during the night.  As we scramble to find alternative ways to have electricity, the Turbine Light concept by USA-based TAK Studio has provided a brilliant suggestion:  using wind power to turn on the highway lights.

Turbine Light is one of the entries in the upcoming Greener Gadgets Competition, which will be held in New York City on February 25.  This technology uses the moving air created from passing cars to generate energy to provide roadside lighting.  The idea is not only innovative, but also potentially cost-saving even when installed in wind-deficient regions compared to using solar-powered lighting (a green technology that until now is expensive).

Check out the Turbine Light as well as other entries in the Greener Gadgets Competition and cast your vote on who you think deserves to win.

Source:  Inhabitat , via Engadget

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