Tuggit Pullbulb

People can sometimes not get enough light where they need it. Having a portable light source is always necessary for people who feel that some areas in the office or room are just too dark. A handy device that can offer some light as needed is always a good thing. If flashlights will not be adequate, this unique Tuggit Pullbulb might be a good alternative.

The Tuggit Pullbulb is a unique light source gadget that comes with a common design. Then how can something common be unique? Well, that depends on how its design affects its function. You see, the Tuggit Pullbulb comes with a design similar to those older light bulb sockets fixed on the ceiling while hanging from its cable. That is where the similarities stop.

The Tuggit Pullbulb is a battery-powered LED bulb. What you might think is a wire cable is just a four-foot long nylon rope. With the LED bulb running on batteries, it does not really need a power outlet. You turn it on by tugging the bulb down. You can turn it off by tugging on it another time.

The Tuggit Pullbulb is useful in areas where you need some added light. All you need to do is to hang the LED bulb with its nylon rope anywhere from the ceiling and leave it hanging. Make sure that you adjust it well so that you can still tug on the bulb to turn the light on. The Tuggit Pullbulb requires three AAA batteries. The LED bulb looks just like those older incandescent light bulbs, giving it that classic look. This unique light source is available at Think Geek for US$20.

Image Source: Think Geek

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