Tron Inspired Watch Concept

The upcoming movie Tron Legacy have garnered quite an interest among those who have seen first Tron movie in 1982. Set for December release, Tron Legacy may have once again inspired some people just like what the first movie did to a lot of its fans. This inspiration has even spread to some product designers like the ones who came up with this Tron inspired watch concept.

This unique Tron “seven-r-zero-n” watch borrows from the famous lighted suit design as seen from the movie. This time, it is integrated into a watch design with a unique LED lighted watch face consisting of two circles. The outer circle indicates the minutes while the inner one indicates the hour. It offers a unique means to tell time without the numbers.

Just by the looks of it, it really is quite an interesting timepiece to have. Unfortunately, this Tron inspired watch remains as a concept for now. You can check it out at Tokyo Flash and maybe participate in the online survey of whether you might be one of those Tron fans who would like to wear such a unique timepiece and buy one.

Image Source: Tokyo Flash

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