Trompe-l’oeil Door Wallpaper

Doors can be too plain to look at, especially those you rarely use at home. So why not add a dash of excitement to it with these clever concept door covers that aim to take you to another place. These wallpapers are called Trompe-l’oeil, or “sham” in French.

All you have to do is to cut the cover according to the size of your door and apply with wallpaper paste (or a much simpler adhesive if you are renting). Each sheet is printed on opaque white fabric with satin finish. It is washable, as well as fire- and UV-resistant.

Visitors could be fooled that your house leads to a European stone staircase or an escalator or along a tower stairway. It sure looks good on a plain white wall, but if you have lots of color in your home, you can pull off the trick if done right.

Source: Design Milk, via CrunchGear

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