Trifo Ironpie Smart Robot Vacuum

Maintaining cleanliness at home is usually a labor-intensive task. That is the reason why some people just don’t have to do it all the time. It’s good that technology is there to help whenever it is needed. And this new Trifo Ironpie Smart Robot Vacuum will be up to the task when it comes to cleaning floors.

A Smarter Robot Vacuum

The Trifo Ironpie Smart Robot Vacuum features improvements for gadgets of its kind now in the market. Robot vacuum cleaners are no longer a groundbreaking a concept today. But they do deserve some new developments now and then. In the case of the Trifo Ironpie Smart Robot Vacuum, it is on the aspect of having better AI.

The new Trifo Ironpie Smart Robot Vacuum features the TIRVS or the Trifo Intelligent Robotics Vision System.  Paired with the Armv8-A quad-core processor, this robot vacuum provides higher performance and better cost efficiency with improved sensing, perception, and decision-making. And with its improved zigzag cleaning mode and optimized cleaning route making, this robot vacuum cleaner is 10 percent more efficient than other similar robot vacuums in the market.

Home Surveillance Robot

The improved multi-sensory capabilities of the Trifo Ironpie Smart Robot Vacuum allow it to better avoid obstacles in its way while it cleans. When working alongside the Ironpie app,  the robot vacuum also functions as a home surveillance device. Users can control the robot vacuum remotely via the app. They can even use the built-in camera of the robot vacuum to check out different areas of the home when needed. The app also allows users to schedule cleaning times, adjust cleaning levels, check its location, and monitor the cleaning map as well as the status of the device itself.

The Trifo Ironpie Smart Robot Vacuum is certainly quite a bit more advanced than your typical vacuum cleaner with its better AI. It can work independently with only minimal human intervention. This makes it a welcome addition to any busy household where cleaning chores are oftentimes neglected. The Trifo Ironpie Smart Robot Vacuum is now available at selected partner retailers for around $299.

Image Source: Trifo   

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