Tricod Orange Bubble Solar Light Pot

Going green on even the simplest means you can think helps a great deal. It can be as simple as using more of devices running on renewable power at home. And with such creative ideas like the Tricod Orange Bubble Solar Light Pot, stylish looks doesn’t have to suffer one bit.

The Tricod Orange Solar Light Pot is a simple idea for an eco-friendly home to make use of. It is designed creatively for use outdoors, usually that table top in your garden or the patio. It is designed like a terra cotta pot but contains a bright LED bulb inside that provides the lighting. This creative outdoor light fixture contains a rechargeable Ni-Cd AAA battery tat powers the light. The battery is then recharged by solar power and lights up automatically when it gets dark. No wiring is necessary and it is even water and corrosion resistant, making it quite ideal for outdoor use. The Tricod Orange Solar Light Pot is available at Amazon for US$17.

Image Source: Amazon

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