Tri3 Trash Can

If you are compulsive about home cleanliness but you also want to be as stylish as possible at the same time, then you may get yourself a Tri3 Trash Can. This trash can is not what you think it is when it comes to recycling. 

The thing that we like about this is that it combines style with environmental friendliness. Of course, we do have our own way of throwing garbage as we try to follow those rules regarding recycling and segregation. But the one thing that may be lacking is how to be stylish.

This trash can has three layers in it. The top layer is for disposable products. The one in the middle is for packaging goods. The bottom part is for bottles or any other recyclable material. Additionally, there are foot pedals that open each can.

The top can opens up when the left pedal is stepped on. The middle pedal allows the central can to turn outwards. And the right pedal lets the lower can to open up towards its user.

However, there’s a catch to this one: no matter how much we like to have the Tri3 Trash Can, it remains a concept for now. So there is still no word for its pricing or availability in the market.

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