Tri Band Projector Phone

tri band projector phone

The best thing about the Tri Band Projector Phone is the fact that it is of possesses a capability which is not present in most of the phones. It is quite unique to see a phone that has a projector attached to it. With this you can project movies or uploaded data on walls and even white screens. Just imagine that a cell phone and camera rolled into one.

 Also, known as CVSL-112, it has an open SIM slot which allows users to use over a wide range of cellular phones that are compatible with the following GSM networks of 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz. Further, it has several other features in it like MP3 and MP4 players, 1.3 digital camera, a video recorder, an image viewer and a number of cool messaging alternatives. In addition, it has a micro SD card slot that allows loading of data on the phone.  

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