Trevor Baylis Eco Media Player Revolution

eco media player

With the ever increasing awareness of the environmental impacts of the advances in technology, "going green" has become the mantra of many gadget developers. One eco-gadget is a wind-up video and audio player that you can also use to charge your cell phone with green energy: the Trevor Baylis Eco Media Player Revolution.

An upgraded version of Trevor Baylis’s earlier wind-up music player, the Eco Media Player has 4GB worth of memory (extendable up to 8GB). It can play an entire library of music and videos using the SD card slot. It supports major music formats such as MP3, Microsoft WMA and WMV, Apple AAC, WAV, and OGG Vorbis. The best part with this amazing pocket device is that you can use it to charge up your phone using an adapter. What’s more, you can also enjoy FM stereo radio.

The media player also features a superb photo viewer with pan and zoom, an Ebook text viewer, and an analogue audio recorder. Measuring 25 x 62 x 115mm and weighing just 170g, the Eco Media Player Revolution is true to its name. You do not need to replace batteries that would otherwise end up at landfill sites. You can get one for $190.

Image Source: Trevor Baylis Brands

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