Trends in Camera Phones

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Mobile manufacturers are taking huge steps to satisfy the ever-growing demands of cell phone users, knocking out each other ferociously to show who’s the boss. It’s no wonder why latest sizzlers flood the market. One trend that makes the world of mobile communications exciting is the emergence of high-resolution cameras that significantly redefine how we communicate and take photos.

Advantages of a camera phone

A camera phone is a great alternative to the bulkier camera used by professional photographers. You can always have it on hand – it’s small and lightweight, and you can slip it in your pocket or purse. This means that you’ll be able to point and shoot whenever photo opportunities arise.

While many people use their camera phones for sheer fun, some have more practical use for them. For example, you’re shopping for a pair of shoes, a piece of furniture, a bag, or even an apartment rental. You can take a photo of the item and send it to your roommate or best friend for that important second opinion.

Camera phones are also used for security and safety reasons. Many crimes have been solved with the help of images taken from camera phones. Photojournalists have caught news scoops using their handy cell phones. Likewise, if you’re caught in a minor car accident, you can quickly take photos of the damages to each car. Camera phones are also a necessity to business people. Using this gadget, a person can instantly send photos to people in another location.

The future of camera phones

As mobile technology advances, expect camera phones to come with even better features. 2008 opened with the upper limit 5MP, which was originally available only in high-end phones. Soon, many mid-market phones began featuring 5MP, whereas the top-end phones have upgraded to 8MP. This trend is reflective of the race for megapixel dominance in the digital camera market, where the current upper limit is a whopping 14MP.

The trend in the digital camera market has trickled down to the camera cell phone market, with mobile communication companies dashing to cram more MP in cell phones to prove they have the best camera phone in the planet. In fact, Samsung has revealed a camera sensor specifically designed for phones that support 9MP. The next thing we know, people are rushing to get a mainstream 10MP camera phone.

What’s more, cell phone companies are also developing camera phones with HD technology. This means that your reliable camera phone can soon be able to shoot HD videos and take cracking images using a 10MP camera. This makes us wonder if camera phones can kill camcorders and digital cameras in the near future.

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