Trendnet Dual Band Wireless N Adapter

dual band wireless n adapter

Trendnet’s 300Mbps Dual Band Wireless N Adapter (TEW-664UB) is finally available. Delivering superior performance, this novel UDB adapter works with both the Mac and PC systems and allows you to choose your network frequency between 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Its design allows you to choose the best frequency for your needs and for your home.

This USB adapter offers seamless connection. Using this adapter, you can now stream online games, HD files, and other latency-sensitive applications minus all the hassles. It is bundled with a Wi-Fi Protected Setup to eliminate some of the complex steps in setting up a secure wireless network. The coverage is up to 100 meters outdoor and 50 meters indoor.

It reduces wireless interference, uses additional wireless channels, and maximizes performance even in very challenging environments. In addition to delivering effortless access pint or wireless router connection, the dual band wireless N adapter also uses MIMO antenna technology to ensure faster transmission speeds. You can experience up to 4x the coverage ad 12x the speed of a wireless g connection.

You can buy the Dual Band Wireless N Adapter for $59.99.

Image Source: Trendnet

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