Trendloader Alpha Sunglasses Lets You Live Stream Your Life Handsfree

trendloader alpha

More and more people are now getting into vlogging their life and sharing it to their online audience through popular social media networks like Facebook and Youtube. The usual way has them carrying a camera or smartphone and recording their life for their online audience to see. This can be quite tiring after a while. But there is a more convenient option now available with the new Trendloader Alpha Sunglasses.Vlogging Sunglasses

Vlogging Sunglasses

The new Trendloader Alpha Sunglasses allows wearers to livestream their life hands free, a convenience that many vloggers today would welcome. It comes with a high quality 8MP camera that can record 1080p Full HD videos. A pair of 16mm PI Gene Speakers and a TI D-Class amp provide clear and crisp audio. It features Open Ear technology that allows users to hear songs and take calls while still being aware of sounds around them. The glasses also feature an AI voice-controlled smart assistant for added convenience.

But what makes the Trendloader Alpha Sunglasses interesting is its ability to livestream videos and share it to people on Facebook or Youtube in real time. This pair of smart sunglasses can stream 1080p HD video to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. It more or less gives people who view your content a more or less the closest first-person view they can ever get. The audience can exactly see what you can see on the go. It can be an interesting take on a vlogger’s usual content that many people have grown accustomed with. It is the closest one can integrate their digital lives to their daily lives.

The Trendloader Alpha Sunglasses comes with the Trendloader app that works as the AI of the device. With it, users of the sunglasses can derive some essential information and data online with what the sunglasses can capture and record. From analysis of nutrition from food photos to translating photos of signs or foreign words, the Trendloader Alpha Sunglasses will surely be quite a versatile device to have. It is available for $137 at Indiegogo for early bird users. This trendy pair of sunglasses is expected to be available by December of this year.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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