Trekbot Robotic Micro Racer

For people who have nothing to do while sitting bored at their office desk, having something to play with may come in handy. But some people may not interested with just about any toy. For those who look for advanced toys to play with, they may want to check out this new Trekbot Robotic Micro Racer by Desk Pets International.

The Trekbot Robotic Micro Racer is a hubless wheeled robot that you can play around using a unique 5 button USB remote control and charger. Despite its small size the this micro racer can zoom forward or backward, turn left or right and even do flips. A 30 minute charge is enough for 15 minutes of play, long enough to kill time around the office. The Trekbot Robotic Micro Racer is available at Toys “R” Us and RadioShack stores for US$20.

Image Source: Desk Pets International

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