Treadwall Climbing Wall

treadwall climbing wall

Do you want to have the ultimate wall-climbing experience in the comfort of your own home? Check out the edgy and really cool Treadwall, a rotating climbing wall that moves downward as you climb. If you’re afraid of heights but want to try wall climbing, this machine is perfect for you. You don’t have to worry about the height as this machine won’t take you more than a couple feet or so off the floor. When you want to stop, just step down to the ground.

Using the wall is very simple and easy. You can climb the wall without strapping and starting up anything. You also don’t need a spotter and staffing requirements are very minimal. Additionally, you don’t need special shoes or gear. No experience is necessary in using Treadwall. If you can run, then you can definitely climb. It’s that easy. Climbers can change wall angle from an easy slope to an overhang with just a simple turn of the wheel.

Treadwall is compact and flexible. It is specifically designed to bring the capabilities of a traditional climbing wall to the limited space of your home, school gymnasium, or a health club. Treadwall combines strength, flexibility, endurance, and aerobics – perfect for warm-ups and workouts. It now comes with a Polar® heart-rate monitor, which is integrated right into the machine’s counter-timer unit.

Image Source: Brewer’s Ledge

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