Travelmate USB Power Adapter

Travelmate USB Power Adapter

The latest electronic gadgets are now chargeable using a USB. However, what if you need to charge that device in a car, or in a home without any USB port? Apple tried to provide their iPhone customers with a USB power adapter that is supposed to make USB adaptable to home plugs. However, a recent scare involving safety issues-wherein unplugging the adapter may cause the metal prongs to break, putting you at risk of electrocution-has forced Apple to recall them.

A latest USB power adapter was introduced on USB Geek called Travelmate. Not only does Travelmate USB power adapter enable your devices to be plugged into home electrical sockets, you can also charge your much-used gadget inside your car (or anyone’s car for that matter). The adapter also comes with two USB ports, compared to Apple’s one, along with a bunch of multiple connector tips that are compatible with most mobile phone brands and a much lower price.

This USB power adapter has a blue LED indicator that tells you whether your device is fully-charged, as well as a retractable cable for more convenience. Travelmate can be charged both from 110V to 240V and also comes with a handy travel bag to keep all five connector tips and the adapter itself.

The Travelmate USB Power Adapter is available for shipping at US$25.

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