Transcend 4GB Secure Digital Card 150x Ultra Speed

Transcend 4GB Secure Digital Card 150x

People who are using the Secure Digital memory cards have a lot to rave about nowadays because Transcend has come up with a 4GB card which can easily store videos, music files and pictures while being able to write at a blazing speed of 150x. This is by far, the fastest write speed of any Secure Digital card out in the market.

This 150x SD card combines the spacious memory of 4GB with the fantastic write speeds that people are now clamoring for. Since SD is now the most popular type of digital camera memory, this is only an excellent announcement for the digital camera population.

This is the ideal solution for Mobile phones, digital cameras, navigation systems, laptops, PDAs and MP3 players since all of these devices use the SD media format. Almost every universal card reader has a slot for these Secure Digital memory cards so you have the advantage of having your memory card compatible with most of the readers out there.

What’s best about this card is that it is also compatible with Sendo, Sharp, Siemens, Motorola and Nokia phones which have an SD slot.

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