Trainyard Android Game App

Puzzle game apps can be quite fun and enjoyable to play with. But over time, solving the same kind of puzzles repeatedly tend to get boring. Some would eventually look for new and unique puzzles to play with. The Trainyard Android game app will be able to provide the kind of unique puzzle that one may be looking for.

The Trainyard Android game app is all about making train routes and drawing tracks to get the trains to go from point A to point B. The first level and the succeeding ones are easy in that all you need to do is connect A and B by drawing the tracks. However, it also gets difficult that higher the level you get.

The Trainyard game app also features puzzles that involve making routes to more than one train at the same time. There are even levels that challenge the player’s timing abilities and knowledge of color combinations. Some puzzles require trains of different colors to come together before arriving to their destination. It is a challenging puzzle game that people should try out. The Trainyard Android game app is available at Google Play for a $1 download.

Image Source: Google Play

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