Toyota Pedestrian Recognition System

Pedestrian Recognition System

Toyota has unveiled recently a new form of technology on their hybrid cars that will be able to determine pedestrians on the road to enhance driving safety even more. This new technology is being presented on Toyota’s Crown Hybrid and makes use of a pattern recognition system to recognize pedestrians on the street.

Installed on the car’s dashboard among the other notable gauges, the Pedestrian Recognition System includes stored multiple sets of image data and compares them to the shape of the image shot by the system. Whenever the system has determined an image taken while driving to be a pedestrian, the LCD screen then displays yellow frames on the dashboard that determines the pedestrians on the road.

Although it might not mean much to some people, this new and unique system will allow drivers to determine pedestrians on the road to be able to take more care when driving. And because the system is still in its initial stages of development, the Pedestrian Recognition System can only recognize the patterns and work effectively at a speed of 15 to 60 kmh.

The system will also not yet be able to work effectively when it is too dark or when the car is on low-beam light during nighttime. Rains may also affect pattern recognition accuracy of the system. But it is a step ahead in trying to make driving safe not only for the drivers themselves but also for the pedestrians on the road.

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