Toyota Introduces The Human Support Robot

With the advances in robotic technology nowadays, time will come when robots would become normal personal assistants around the home. They might someday be designed to help humans in some of the mundane daily tasks such as cleaning the home, guarding it as well as helping keep the home a happy place to live in. But in some other ways, robots would be tasked to assist people in order to help them accomplish things faster and better. Future robots might even be designed to help assist the disabled such as what the new Toyota Human Support Robot is designed to do.

Toyota has recently introduced the Human Support Robot or the HSR, designed to help the elderly and the disabled. Its concept is to aid the disabled do simple and yet challenging tasks in relation to their own personal capacity such as picking up things when a person may not be able to do alone.  The prototype robot stands 2.7 feet tall with a body that lets it extend up to 4.3 feet. It also has a 2.5 foot arm with a grasping claw that can pick up things carefully and easily.

The Toyota HSR is designed for indoor use and has the ability to adapt slight changes in the height of different floor areas when moving about. It can be controlled either by voice recognition or by using a generic tablet device. The Toyota HSR is scheduled for public exhibition at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center on September 26 and 28. Toyota has not provided any details on its price or even battery life so far. But it is believed to be targeted for public healthcare. But it is quite possible that it would take a bit longer before this robot becomes an affordable consumer product that everyone can have at home.

Image Source: Toyota

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