Toyota Integrates Breathalyzers in Cars

Breathalyzer in car

To curb the rise of drunk drivers, as well as in response to new legislations passed in several states in the US, Toyota announced that they were developing an anti-drunk driving technology that shuts down the vehicle if high levels of alcohol are detected in the driver.  This innovative system consists of a hand-held breathalyzer that determines the driver’s alcohol level while being photographed with its integrated digital camera for identification.  If the driver is tested positive for high levels of alcohol, the system either warns him or even locks the vehicle’s ignition.  

Toyota is currently conducting tests with its affiliate truck manufacturer Hino Motors and plans to install the system in selected trucks and other vehicles of their fleet customers, which include private companies and government institutions.

In another news, Nissan is said to be developing a similar equipment, both in response to new laws passed in certain states in the United States of America that requires drunk driving offenders to install breathalyzers in their cars that lock the ignition system once high levels of alcohol are detected.

Image source:  AFP

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