Toyota FT-HS Hybrid Sport Concept

Toyota FT-HS

Toyota has come out last 2007 with a hybrid attainable exotic sports car by revealing to the world the Toyota FT-HS. This brand spanking new concept car is based on a 3.5 liter engine V6 and also has a retuned version of the company’s hybrid synergy drive which is already considered as a standard of excellence that was seen in the Toyota Prius. However, very much unlike the Toyota Prius, the new concept FT-HS has 400 horsepower in the rear wheels.

It also has a retractable roof panel which leaves the car’s pillars in place while giving the driver enough open space for cruising. The pod-design of the driver’s area makes it seem as if you’re not as exposed. In spite of the FT-HS being only a concept vehicle, Toyota’s desired starting price for such a vehicle is stated to be in the mid $30,000 range.

According to Automobile Magazine, Toyota is planning to launch a production version of the vehicle in 2009. Toyota has yet to make an official announcement and no other major publication has made similar claims.

Image Source: Wikipedia

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