Touchscreen X10 Poker Table

Touchscreen Poker Table

For avid poker fans with money to spend who can’t get enough of playing the game, here is something that might be worth considering. There might be a few toys that poker fans can have their hands on and this might just fit the bill. Consider playing your favorite game of cards the high tech way with the touchscreen poker table from X10.

Yes, it is not your usual game of cards in the sense that you are playing without a real deck of cards. The X10 touchscreen poker table is a large-sized table that can fit 10 player friends at a time. On each place on the table is a 12.1 inch touchscreen with a 27 inch LCD located on the center of the table.

Cards and the money chips used are all digital, meaning you see them as objects on each touchscreen. Community cards and chip amounts can be seen by all the players in the center screen. Each player can then use the touch screen to see their cards and play bluff or deal.

This high tech poker table is programmed with not only Texas Hold’em for the poker players but also Blackjack for those who are looking for some variety. It is some toy to have on one’s gaming room. But mind you, this toy is not cheap. Costing close to 30 G’s, it can either be an all or nothing bet for ordinary poker players and just maybe cents for those highrollers.



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