Touchless Car Cover

touchless car cover

The Touchless Car Cover is one of the best car covers around.

Let’s say you have a car newly-washed and you want it to stay clean as long as possible, what do you do? Surely, you want it to be hidden under a car cover. But if you want stuff like that, then you may opt for the Touchless Car Cover.

The cool thing about this is that it takes less than a minute to set up. Also, just like any car cover out there, it protects your car from the elements without trapping the moisture inside. And that is what makes this cool.

The Touchless Cover is made of 190T Nylon and it is composed of 50 plus ultra-violet, fire and waterproof coating. Since it resembles that of a pop-tent, it can be used outdoors and even in the garage. It has no metal parts in it which may rust or corrode.

Another cool thing about this is that even if it is in use, it provides the user access to his or her car. This gizmo of a car is at least 48 inches in diameter and is about 2 inches thick. It weighs at around 12 pounds.

This comes with a cable lock making it safe from thefts. It also has straps and buckles which comes handy when securing it on windy days. There is one size available only so SUVs may not fit in. However, if you have a sports car or sedan, that will definitely fit.

The Touchless Car Cover is available at a price of $299 and can be purchased online in

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