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TouchBase business card

While we live in a world with fast-changing technology, our practice of in-person networking remains the same. We still exchange business cards instead of bumping each other’s smartphones, but a startup has come up with an idea that could make it simpler and more attuned to the times.

TouchBase Technologies proposes a technology wherein all your new contact’s information is instantly stored in your smartphone after tapping their business card onto the screen. Their high-tech business cards are embedded with conductive ink circuitry, which emits the same electronic signal as your fingertip touching the screen.

The information stored on a TouchBase business card is not just limited the what is actually printed. Tap the card onto the smartphone screen while using TouchBase’s mobile app and the screen displays a digital profile featuring the cardholder’s photo and contact information, including links to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. The card owner can also include photos and videos of creative projects.

Your profile is store on the cloud, so you can update your personal details at any time. You can also keep track of who has tapped your contact information.

In its current state, TouchBase is only limited to iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C, and the information collected on the TouchBase app cannot be exported to your Contacts list. The guys behind this startup says they are working on native apps for iPhone and Android.

TouchBase has put up an Indiegogo campaign, which has raised a little over its $30,000 goal. You can still make a pledge as low as $25 for a trial package before March 15.

Source: Mashable

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