Touch360 e-Case

Touch360 e-Case

Technology seems to catch up with the way business people meet valuable contacts. Consider the e-Case from Touch360. As far as giving out business cards to important contacts at a conference or a meeting, the e-Case takes it a step further.

The e-Case is simply what you can call as an electronic business card holder. Gone would be the days of handing out business cards of the paper kind which can sometimes get lost easily or neglected by some other way. With the e-Case the exchange of information between business people is done electronically and, in this case, wirelessly. And it does not just exchange business information the way you might see it.

The e-Case intends to preserve that practice of handing out business information the traditional Far Eastern way, using both hands holding the e-Case towards another. This practice tends to veer away from other high technology methods of information exchange through phones and other devices. You can say that the e-Case is a simple wireless means of exchanging business information with a touch of Far Eastern business tradition.

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