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Cellwatch m500 wrist cell phone

A merging of two essential gadgets is made possible with the new Cellwatch M500. The new Cellwatch M500 combines a wrist watch with a miniature cell phone into one gadget that would surely appeal to people who look into miniaturization as essential in their daily lives. With the Cellwatch M500, people no longer have to bother bringing along their cell phones with them. Now, they just have to wear it on their wrists.

The Cellwatch M500 is being billed as the world’s smallest mobile watch. It is equipped with a 1.5 inch color OLED touch screen that also comes with its own stylus. It has a 128 Mb memory and is capable of playing MP3 and video aside from just telling time. The mobile watch is also Bluetooth enabled and also allows its use for web browsing. The M500 carries GSM900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies and is fully SMS and MMS capable.

The watch also allows USB connectivity for software downloads and uploads. It also is capable of storing over 300 phone numbers in its memory along with about 40 different tones. Al these features that is packed in a gadget that can be worn just like a standard wrist watch makes the M500 quite an interesting gadget to have. Initial launch of the M500 took place in November of 2007.

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