Toshiba's Pistol-Grip Camcorders Now Have Touchscreens

Toshiba unveils two new pisto-grip camcorders, both having 3-inch touchscreens as its monitors. The P20 is the thicker of the pair compared to the 19-millimeter thickness of the S30. The former targets the lower-end market and can shoot photos with 5-megapixel quality. Meanwhile, the S30 has an 8-megapixel camera, therefore expect a higher quality in case of output and cost. Both of these gadgets feature 10x optical zoom lenses and can record videos at 1080p resolution.

The two camcorder are available in the United Kingdom by October 2010. The P20 will cost £119 (about US$180), while S30 will be £139 (about US$210). As you can see, the difference in pricing is not that stark. It is all a matter of whether you prefer a thinner camera more. We have yet to hear about the United States release.

Source: CrunchGear

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