Toshiba Unveils New HDTVs for 2011

At a trade event in Rome, Toshiba reveals its new line of HDTVs for 2011. All models feature a slew of new technology that the competition would probably side-eye with envy.

These technologies can be seen on its top-of-the-line 55ZL1 model (pictured), which has seven-core CEVO CPU image processor, a Pro-LED512 panel with 512 zones of dimming among 3.072 LEDs, Personal-TV facial recognition that picks up which user is watching then customizes to their personal settings, and active shutter 3D glasses.

The edge-lit LED VL863 series feature FPR passive glasses 3D, while the UL863 ditches the 3D for integrated WiFi and Personal-TV. The SL863 is the most basic model, removing the built-in WiFi. All of these new HDTVs support Toshiba Places, which provides access to different apps for video, social networking, music, and other useful stuff.

These new Toshiba HDTVs are expected to be shipped soon. Prices are yet to be revealed.

Source: Engadget

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