Toshiba TY-WSD9 Waterproof Multifunction Wireless Speaker

With various devices big and small now used by people to listen to music and other audio files, it may just be right to make a sound system that would cater to the functions that such devices offer. That is why there are now many wireless speakers available today to help address some of the people’s need for convenience and mobility. And with the newly released Toshiba TY-WSD9 Multifunction Wireless Speaker, it just gets a bit better.

The new Toshiba TY-WSD9 is a portable wireless multifunction speaker that can be used to stream audio from any kind of source- from the TV, DVD player and even from an iPod. It comes with two 1.2 watt speakers that receive audio signals via a 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology. It is conveniently powered by AAA and AA batteries, providing a receiving range within 25 meters in diameter and for up to 11 hours.

The Toshiba TY-WSD9 wireless speaker is also waterproof, making it convenient to use outdoors or even inside the bathroom. This multifunction wireless speaker also provides a one-way voice mode that allows someone near the wireless transmitter to call to someone who may be in the vicinity of the speaker receiver. The Toshiba TY-WSD9 Waterproof Multifunction Wireless Speaker is expected to be available in Japan sometime in the middle of March and may be expected to cost around 13,000 Japanese Yen.

Image Source: Toshiba

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