Toshiba Stainless Style LCD TV

Toshiba Stainless Style LCD TV, the modern kitchen TV

Toshiba has announced its latest LCD TV with integrated DVD player, a niche product that adds entertainment value to the modern kitchen.  The Toshiba Stainless Style, as its name implies, is cased in stainless steel and fitted with glamorous features.

Its first model, the 19LV612U, will feature an 18.5-inch screen, integrated ATSC/ NTSC/ QAM TV tuner, a high resolution of 1,366 X 768 pixels, 300 nits of brightness, 1,000:1 contrast ratio, five millisecond response time, HDMI/ VGA inputs, and VESA mouth support.  You can watch your favorite TV programs direct from your computer and can even support gaming and HDTV broadcasts. 

"We wanted to provide consumers with a TV that could coordinate perfectly with a kitchen’s décor," said Jodi Sally, Vice President of Marketing, Digital A/V Group of Toshiba America.  "Design innovation is an integral part of Toshiba’s history and our new Stainless Style TV is the latest example of our leadership in the area."

You can have your very own Toshiba Stainless Style LCD TV beginning September 2009 starting at $349.99.

Image source:  Toshiba America Consumer Products

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