Toshiba Protege G810 Smartphone

It’s hard being busy, unless you can get something that will make you hit two birds with just half a stone in hand. In this case, the Toshiba Protégé G810 comes in.

This gizmo, with its sleek and slim design, allows users to move and do things at the same time. With its Windows Microsoft Mobile applications, it enables the users to access the software wherever they may be. It also has push e-mail which will let users to read and respond through messages via their e-mails.

With its Windows Media Player Mobile, viewing everything through its 65K colored screen can be done even when you are on the move. In addition, accessing the Internet will not be much of an issue since this has both HSDPA and HSUPA bands with surprising speed in downloading or uploading either a video or a picture taken from its 3 mega-pixel camera. Moreover, with a built-in GPS and A-GPS, traveling and getting lost will never be a concern.

A Quarter Video Graphics Array touchscreen interface makes this device easy and simple. In addition, as it has a 2.83" screen, this will make sure there is less scrolling and more of the techie experience everyone needs to get the job done or just to make every minute worthwhile. So would it be necessary to opt for the "more command actions needed when it only needs less" specifications?

Furthermore, having primary features like the SMS, MMS, an FM radio, the Protege comes altogether with GSM, EDGE, GPRS, 3G and Bluetooth connectivities. Being only 14 millimeters thin and weighing at around 120 grams, it has a memory of 25 MB ROM and 128 MB RAM and a standby for over 200 hours and a four-hour talk time.

Planing to get busy? Get busy instead with this helluva gadget. Who knows? The "G" might even mean "great" for anyone who has seen its worth. And, mind every user out there, that makes this gizmo a great protege in itself.

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