Toshiba G450

Toshiba G450 Mobile Phone

In this segment, let us look back into the gadgets of yesteryears and how some of us would like to forget them.  The introduction of the Toshiba G450 sent shockwaves across the tech-world not because of its high-tech features, but also how its look stands out like a sore thumb.

Part smartphone, part modem, part MP3 player, and part fake remote control, the Toshiba G450 actually weighs just 57 grams, about half the weight of conventional 3G phones.  It also utilizes a pair of circular multifunctional pads instead of the usual keypads, which sacrifices the screen into a measly 0.8-inch panel.

Its biggest come on is its modem ability, supporting GPRS, EDGE, and even HSDPA that allows download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps.  Connect this phone to your laptop with a USB cable and you are good to go.

But still, we just could not get past the hideousness of it all.

Image source:  Toshiba

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