Toshiba Aims to Standardize Wireless Memory Cards

Toshiba, together with Singapore-based Trek 2000, extablishes an industry forum that aims to promote a new type of memory card with WiFi wireless communication, pretty much what Eye-Fi does.

Anyway, the new memory card is designed to add WiFi functionality to digital still cameras that have an SDHC slot, wherein it can recognize and communicate with the same type of card in another camera. This enables exchanging of photos quicker and easier. The card also allows users to upload and download images to and from a server without the need for cable connections or transferring the memory card. It is what Eye-Fi does, right?

The new card has an 8GB capacity and can transfer both JPEG and RAW files, as those are the most widely-used digital formats.

The two companies plan on inviting other digital camera manufacturers and other interested parties in promoting the card, as well as exchange technical information to establish standard specifications and expanding use of the card.

Source: Engadget

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