Toshiba 14 Inch USB Mobile LCD Monitor

While more and more computers are becoming portable, it is usually the display screen size that suffers. The diminishing display screens may not be something that most people will welcome, although they agree to computers becoming more portable in the process. What some people may have to do is look for alternatives which the new Toshiba 14 Inch USB Mobile LCD Monitor may provide.

Toshiba may probably be the first electronics manufacturer to think of having a portable and handy 14 inch display monitor that can quite highly mobile. Business people or even the ones that often share their digital data with friends and colleagues may find this Toshiba 14 Inch USB Mobile LCD Monitor quite useful. Powered through a USB slot, this monitor can easily be attached to any portable device that contains a USB slot for use. This eliminates the need for an outside AC power source other than what the laptop can provide.

This portable monitor offers a 14 inch widescreen display capable of 1366 x 768 HD resolutions. It weighs only 2.8 pounds and is less than an inch thick. It also comes with a protective case that also doubles as an adjustable stand for the ultra-portable monitor. The Toshiba 14 Inch USB Mobile LCD Monitor is now available at Toshiba for US$200.

Image Source: Toshiba

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