Torch 250 Flashlight

Torch 250People take many things for granted. It is only when they lose some of them that they tend to appreciate them. Things such as lighting and electricity are taken for granted simply because they are always readily available and convenient to use. During extended power outages, people begin to realize just how much they rely on such things for a more comfortable life. Darkness will let people realize just how important a source of light can be. A device with a rapidly draining battery will make some realize just how essential having a power source to recharge devices have become. For people who would like to prepare instead of wallowing in regret during such times, having a Torch 250 Flashlight will always come in handy.

The Torch 250 Flashlight is more than just a simple 250-lumen LED flashlight. It comes with other features that make it ideal for use during emergencies. Not only does it provide a source of light during power outages and when in the dark outdoors, it can also be used to recharge other portable devices via USB. But what makes the Torch 250 ever more useful is the way it can generate power during emergencies. You can recharge its batteries by putting it under the sun using its built-in solar panels to generate power. It also has a built-in hand crank that you can use to generate power for the flashlight and to recharge its batteries. This two-way solution ensures that you can recharge the Torch 250 Flashlight even when an ideal power source is absent. This makes it as an ideal companion when going outdoors or for emergencies. The Torch 250 Flashlight is available at Goal Zero for $80.

Image Source: Goal Zero


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