Toq: Meet the Qualcomm smartwatch

Toq, Qualcomm smartwatch

Toq, Qualcomm smartwatch

This comes as a surprise. Semiconductor company Qualcomm officially announces its own smartwatch called Toq during its recent developer conference. The Qualcomm smartwatch features a Mirasol display that shows off colors on the screen without wasting too much battery power. It is even visible enough when the display is not lit, but users can double tap on the watch band above the display to brighten the screen.

The Toq also throws some serious shade on Samsung Galaxy Gear with its lenghty battery life, which can last up to an astounding five days on a single charge when used moderately.

Charging is done wirelessly via Qualcomm Wi Power LE technology, wherein the Qualcomm smartwatch is placed on the charging pedestal that neatly folds into a case when traveling. The pedestal’s side portion can also be used to juice up the Toq’s wireless stereo Bluetooth headset at the same time.

Toq, Qualcomm Smartwatch demonstrating its wireless charging ability.

The Toq smartwatch is controlled by swiping along the screen, wherein users can view notifications in a manner they themselves customize. For instance, business-type users can put the calendar as the most important notification to display

This smartwatch features support for text messaging, music control, weather, email, and even stocks calendar. Although you cannot input text messages or make calls on the device, you can preset some responses like “Thanks!” or “I’m on my way” just in case.

You can also pair up the Qualcomm smartwatch with your Android smartphone and receive notifications from the handset straight to the Toq. It even sports a built-in accelerometer and microphone, even though there aren’t any use for them yet, but Qualcomm hopes they can be utilized later for fitness apps and voice commands. Meanwhile, the watch’s wireless headset can also be used to push “whisper notifications” for people on the go, telling you about today’s headlines among others without being too intrusive.

The Toq smartwatch from Qualcomm will be available around the fourth quarter of 2013. No word yet on the price.

Source: Mashable

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