Topobo Construction Kit


If high tech construction toys is your thing, then you might want to take a look at the new Topobo Construction Kit. It is the first construction kit in the world that features kinetic memory. What it does is to record and then reenact any physical motion. And it does more than your ordinary Lego set, mind you.

To some, it might look like any other ordinary building block sets that you can put together to build things. The Topobo is quite different in that, users can actually teach their creations to move. The set is composed of active and passive pieces that users can put together to create. The active pieces contain motors than also help it retain a memory of movements. One flick of the active pieces and at a touch of a button can allow you to teach what you have built to walk, run or dance.

The Topobo construction kit is really quite a unique toy to play with. It is something that even grownups can play with. But with a set of a hundred pieces costing about US$499, it can be quite expensive for most kids. Larger sets costs more. The price might probably be the best reason why most kids may not be able to play with this toy.

Image Source: Topobo

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