Top Ten Green Gadgets

The top 10 green gadgets are none other than those that make that change where others may not have fared well. What may have separated them from the others is the fact that they have their turfs as regards to giving the love Mother Earth needs. Either they are power-saving or utilize recyclable and less packaging, or all of this, makes them enter the list. Take a look at these environmental-friendly gizmos and you may as well find what you may have been looking for.


Vers 2X iPod Dock/Speaker

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Veneered from handcrafted wood, this compact speaker is suitable for iPod and iPhone devices. With its 3-inch speakers with power-saving class D amplifiers and a dual bass port, this gadget has a history greener than what anyone may expect as it is free of chemicals hazardous to the environment, such as lead, and cadmium. The package itself is surprisingly recyclable since it is made entirely of wood. Apparently, with this device which costs only $150, green amps can be as wondrous as they can be.


Bedol Water-Powered Clock

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Gasp as you might, this is really a clock which runs solely through the use of salt water. The green-not geeky-science behind this $16 wonder is simple. If filled by salt water in it, it corrodes its electrodes, which in turn releases electrons and provides power for its monochrome LCD. In addition, it runs for weeks without refill. Surely, it is as surprising as it gets. But wait until you have it anywhere in your house. Undoubtedly, its presence will make it as chic as it can be.


Powerfilm Rollable Solar Charger

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This solar charger is made of cadmium-free solar cells placed on a thin film with a plastic layer can power up almost anything, even laptops and car batteries. As this can be rolled, it is waterproof as well, giving it the kind of convenience that anyone may look for. Made originally for military use, portables and modules have to be attached to it. Like that of a 12-volt cigarette-lighter or that of batteries. It can even make a laptop run for a good half hour in every one hour of sunlight it has collected. Talk about portable chargers, this $110 device is a choice anyone will placed their bets on.


Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid

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This green-cropping green lawnmower, runs through, you said it, sunlight. What is even more fascinating about this is that you can while yourself under the glare of the sun as it does the job for you. Since it is used outdoors, it can power its rechargeable batteries as it clips the grass. With built-in sensors in this awesome $3000 machine, it avoids walls or wreaking havoc in your garden. Moreover, once you see it return to the shed all by itself when the work’s done or there is a need for recharging you might have to choose for the best word to describe it.


Kill A Watt PS

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If you want to monitor your usual electric consumption, then this $100 device can help you with what you are asking for. With an integrated LCD, it shows how much voltage, leakage currents and kilowatt hours are consumed as you plug in your appliances. Of course, there is nothing wrong with monitoring how much electricity you use everyday. This is even an advantage to your part as you cut down the rates and even the cost on expenses.


Dell Studio Hybrid

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Amazing is hardly a word for this gadget at which cost presently starts $500. With bamboo used for its outer shell, this energy-efficient device can be added with a Blu-ray player that will enable anyone to watch hi-definition movies on their HDTV through HDMI output of their computers. Moreover, since it comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse, controlling this will be of no hassle at all. As the packaging is completely recyclable and has 75% less printed manual, this allows less green material consumption, ideal for patrons of environmental-saving manufacturing. With this said, all takes is for you to sink in to your comfort zone as this green gizmo makes you king of the world.


Fabric [re]Drive

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With an exterior made of steam pressed bamboo veneer, a resource grown directly beside the manufacturing company, it is relative safe to say that this is the greenest USB hard drive out there. Compared to other conventional hardwares, this saves up to 90% electricity consumption since it operates only when it is turned on. The Energy Starcompliant power supply in it allows it to conserve energy. Further, with an aluminum casing it prevents this $160 device from heating up despite the noise-producing cooling fans.


Philips Eco TV

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As this $1400 device adjusts its backlight of the LCD in accordance with the environmental lighting, it saves the electricity it collects. In other words, if used in a dark room, lesser energy the backlight consumes. Since it has a built-in light sensor, that feature is made this possible. Constructed with lead-free, flame-retardant materials, this full HD 42 inch screen gizmo has its speakers built behind it. Everything that comes with it, packaging and manuals, are all recyclable.


Voltaic Generator Laptop Bag

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This solar-powered, $600 laptop bag is more powerful than its predecessors since it charge laptops up to 17 watts. As its fabric is made of recycled soda bottles, it is as eco-friendly as it is a portable charger in itself. It can charge other devices like cell phones and MP3 players. It can even hold notebooks up to 17 inches. Call it your wherever-you-go bag. You will be surprised that it can really live up to that name.


Nokia 3110 Evolve

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With the rate of cellular phones changes made every year, that statistic makes those devices the green-killers. Of course, exclude this $283 device. It even has its own reasons why. Its outer casing, made of bio-sourced ma
terials can be renewed fifty percent. That means it has an even cleaner manufacturing. In addition, unlike other cell phones, it saves power because it draws no energy when it is not charging. Thanks to its AC charger which is even better than the Energy Star. As it is, this eco-friendly gizmo never lacks the great features in it.



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